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hello from Michigan 
03:15am 19/09/2008
mood: chipper
HI!! Im a big wings fan, and also love the classic " miracle on ice" games. I love the USSR team from that era!!
09:52am 03/10/2004

ill be in yours...:) if you be in mine.. ?


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08:50pm 10/09/2004
mood: hopeful
Alright. Well, welcome to the new community!

The community may remain unactive for awhile, as the guild doesn't have a lot of members, and I'm not sure if a lot of them have livejournals.

This livejournal will contain updates, hockey news that I don't post at the website, etc.

But if you join, ALL POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY. If it is not friends only, it will be deleted automaticly. Only members of the guild will be able to read any posts here, with the occasional public posts (like this).

Hope to see a few new members soon! :-)